You are cordially invited to play a game at Raven Hall...

When Beth Soames was fourteen, she was invited into the heart of Raven Hall, a rambling, isolated manor in the East Anglian Fens. There, she ran wild with her foster sister Nina Averell, playing hide and seek, climbing trees, wild swimming in the freezing lake. As far as Beth could see, Nina had everything a girl could wish for. But then Beth was invited to play a very strange game - and nothing was the same again.

Now, after years of abandonment, Raven Hall has been restored to its former glory and is playing host to a murder mystery evening of prestigious guests. But why does the tragic past of this rambling manor seem to have such a hold on everyone? Is this really a game, or a murder mystery for real?

The guests are about to find out - with devastating consequences...

Available from

UK (Piatkus, Little, Brown Book Group)
    - paperback, ebook and audiobook  
USA (Berkley, Penguin Random House)
    - paperback, hardback, ebook and audiobook  


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